My daughter simply hates going to bed at 20.00pm during the week. She doesnt have problems waking up in the morning but I am reluctant to let her stay up later. She is 5 and attends pre-school from 8.45 till 3.30 in the afternoon with a half day on Wednesday. Although I am convinced that she needs the sleep, I do not want to force her. Any ideas about sleeping hours would be greatly appreciated.

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Our 5 - nearly 6 - year old generally goes to bed at 7 but reads until 8 or so - and wakes up at about 7 in the morning. That would tally with erin's 11 hour number.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were both working and didn't notice that he was still reading at 10.15pm... (obviously we put a stop to it when we did notice) and the next day was awful.

I generally find that our kids don't sleep later if they go to bed later, but do sleep later if they've had a particularly exhausting day (parties, lots of outdoor play etc).


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According to data from Ferber & Kryger ( the average 5-year old needs about 11 hours of sleep - usually by 5 that all comes at night, although if your child is still napping, that would count towards the 11 hours. Also, I'm sure this is meant more as a guideline than a rigid absolute. You'll need to figure out what works best for you and your family.


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Yes, 11 is what I remembered reading

(29 Sep '09, 18:30) JJJ

I can't find the reference now, but I read that kids that age really need to sleep a lot, as it helps development and favors a healthy mind.

I'll try to find the book tonight at home and quote it exactly.


answered 29 Sep '09, 17:32

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