My 2 1/2 year old son is fully potty trained as long as he has nothing on from the waist down. I vigorously make him wear underwear all day long and he continues to have accidents in them. We go through more then 12 pairs a day. I don't know how to get him to wear underwear without accidents. Any Suggestions!

asked 15 May '10, 19:51

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Let him wear underpants until he has an accident, then put a diaper/pull-up on him. When you make the switch tell him that big boys wear underpants and use the potty, but babies wear diapers and make messes in their diapers. Explain that when he acts like a big boy and uses the potty, you will treat him like a big boy by letting him wear underpants, but he is going to act like a baby, you are going to treat him like a baby.


answered 16 May '10, 06:46

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+1, although I would also let him run around half naked when possible to give him some confidence about getting it right. (and less work for us parents)

(16 May '10, 08:52) pipthegeek

I will just give you my opinion of what I think may be the case with your little one and that is you are probably very close to solving the whole "potty issue" because you say "he is fully potty trained as long as he has nothing on from the waist down" and this indicates to me that he only has a timing problem.

Here are some ideas that may be of use to you, if you haven't already tried:

  • Could you try reducing the distance between the potty and the area where he may be playing?
  • Is he able to comfortably remove his underwear quickly?
  • Can you spot any differences in his mannerisms just before he needs to go? If so he may need gentle reminding and persuasion to do so. (I have experienced this with my own daughter and heard other parents also say that toddlers can be so caught up playing that they can forget that they have to go, and then have accidents)

In addition to mkcoehoorn s answer you can find a variety of questions and answers regarding Potty Training that have been asked earlier on this site.


answered 16 May '10, 13:57

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+1 good suggestions especially about the trouble removing underwear. This is not usually. I know several people who have had a similar issue. One friend her sons were fine if they were wearing trousers without undies. This might be something to try as an intermediate step.

(16 May '10, 22:53) K D

+1, I was thinking it's probably a problem getting the undies off too. We've spent a lot of time lately practicing taking off panties when my daughter doesn't have to pee, she's having the same kind of problems going on the potty when she's dressed. (Thank heaven for summer and sundresses!)

(17 May '10, 17:56) Neen
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