We have a 2 year old girl and a four year old boy. The four year old loves lego and construction related toys but we have a problem with the two year old getting into the four year olds lego and dismantling his constructions.

While I want my kids to share and I expect that most of the time. I also think that my four year old should be able to build things and expect them not to be dismantled for at least a little while. Our kids share a room and spend most of the time during the day playing in the living area.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things that have worked for them?

asked 16 May '10, 23:00

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We have this problem also.

Every day I make the kids have alone time. During alone time the big kids can play in their rooms while I play with the little one. It was hard to start because my little one always wanted to play with the big kids. Now it's our fun time together!

Maybe you can color with your 2 year old while your little guy plays legos.


answered 17 May '10, 14:18

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My son is 21 months and my daughter is 4. They do have separate rooms, but most of the toys are in my daughter's room so that is where they most often play. She knows to keep certain toys put up high most of the time. But she is allowed to get them out while he naps or if my husband is also home to help keep an eye on things.


answered 17 May '10, 02:09

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Something that is working for us is we have the playpen up with a childs table and chairs inside. This is where the lego is kept and other things we need to keep out of reach of the younger one. Our four year old can climb in and out but the two year old can't.

We have also started to keep the games in the lounge so they are in sight but out of reach so we hopefully won't lose any more pieces.


answered 25 Jun '10, 01:40

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