What would you suggest for a birthday gift for a five year old girl? In addition to turning five in a few months, my daughter was invited to another girl's party next week.

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For party gifts the answers for this question may be inspiring as well, http://moms4mom.com/questions/5097/what-is-a-good-present-for-a-3-year-old-boy Gift exchange cards can make gift buying easier in my opinion.

(17 May '10, 20:03) Emi

I looked through the other questions first. The only problem I have with gift cards at this age is that they might be a little disappointing to a kid who was expecting something tangible and then only gets the promise of something.

(18 May '10, 00:44) mkcoehoorn

@mkcoehoorn Gift Exchange cards are given with the gift that you have purchased and are only used if the recipient of the gift has received duplicate gifts or he/she does not like the gift, ang can exchange it for something else if he or she chooses. I just wanted. to clarify incase my comment was not clear enough before :)

(18 May '10, 08:38) Emi

In the US they are called Gift Receipts. We also have Gift Cards which are prepaid cards that can be spent at a specific store.

(19 May '10, 02:05) mkcoehoorn

Arts & Crafts

I have a 4 year old and some of the crafts are too old for her... but it's ALL she wants to do. She loves making bead necklaces!! Goodluck!


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+1, I always used to buy arts and crafts gifts when my older boys were invited to girls b-day parties. I guess I probably will again when the little ones start going to parties. (When I was five I'd have given my left arm for the "Fairy Garden" in that link!)

(17 May '10, 17:12) Neen

Very good idea. I don't know where the nearest Target is, but I do have a handy Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.

(17 May '10, 19:18) mkcoehoorn

Last year we actually asked our daughter if there was anything she particularly wanted for her birthday, and she asked for a bicycle. We went to a local dealer and looked at the bicycles together and she was able to be part of the process by choosing the colour and style she preferred.

She rode it in the summer and enjoyed it thoroughly, she will be using it again this year with the back support wheels removed.


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Exactly what I was going to answer, though we haven't bought our daughter one yet...

(17 May '10, 08:16) Benjol

@Benjol The funny thing was we were concerned about buying it at the right time, so we were patience and researched I think it paid off :) The look on her face was very rewarding for my husband and me. Call it old fashioned but it felt very right to see that. She felt grown-up with it, independent and confident, the little basket at the front and the bell were also added to her feeling of independence, carrying her bits placing them in the basket, ringing the bell as she pulled up.

(17 May '10, 08:39) Emi

Actually my daughter was invited to a party next week and I'm also looking for ideas for that. Right now I've got Barbie (there was a sticker on the invite), princess (the invite was tiara-shaped) and My Little Pony.

(17 May '10, 13:38) mkcoehoorn
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