My wife is traveling and this is the first time I've had to deal with our son sleeping while sick. He took some Motrin about two hours before bed; and generally I'd guess sleep is the best thing for him. Should I go in and take his temp. during the night and risk waking him up? If he's sleeping is it all good anyway?

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What I do if I am worried is I go in every once in awhile to check my daughter's temperature by putting the back of my hand on her forehead. If it seems overly hot then I will take her temperature but if it seems reasonable then I let her sleep.

I have also found from my own experience that if a fever spikes the child will usually become uncomfortable with it and wake up or become restless in their sleep.

Here is some advice I agree with but I don't know how reliable the source is:


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+1 It is also my experience that if my daughter had fever and felt uncomfortable she wake up.

(17 May '10, 08:03) Emi

When our kids are sick for my peace of mind I go back to using the baby monitor. I also find I will wake during the night to go and check on them.

(17 May '10, 08:11) K D

ooops I omitted the word "would" in my comment!

(17 May '10, 08:14) Emi

yuck... I hope he feels better soon.

If the fever is really high I always do Motrin at bedtime and wake my kids up when it's time for more. A wet washcloth helps while sleeping also.

If the fever isn't real bad at bedtime I'd let him sleep.


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