Since birth, my daughter has had two red colored areas on the inner corners of her upper eyelids (see picture below). We thought they were just spots left from birth trauma. She just turned 1 month old yesterday and the spots are still there. Could they be birthmarks, or is this something that is common and will go away over time?

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asked 17 May '10, 17:02

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From the picture it looks like they're "Stork bites" or "Angel Kisses".

3 out of 4 of my kids had them when they were newborns, they are the most common type of birthmark (30 to 40% of babies have them), and they go away, usually completely, by the time they're 1. Sometimes they disappear completely when a toddler is calm, but show up faintly when they're upset, and that can last until adulthood.

My kids had them on their eyelids, and between their eyes, and they've all completely faded away. (Almost all the babies in my family have them.)

It's nothing to worry about, but if you're going to worry anyway, check with her pediatrician.

This is a good link to a dermatologists site explaining the different types of birthmarks.


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I figured it was something very common like that. To me, they do seem much more red after a crying fit and seem to disappear during calm times. I'm not worried about it, I was more curious to know if it was pretty common and permanent. Your answer addressed both curiosities, so thank you!

(17 May '10, 17:49) JustinP8

You're very welcome, I wondered about them when my neice was born with them too (She's the oldest of her generation, I'm the youngest of mine!). And by the way, your wee one is sooo beautiful!

(17 May '10, 18:12) Neen

Our youngest had red marks like that, and also one on the back of the neck. I remember the midwife telling us that the ones on the eyes would disappear (and they have), but perhaps not on the back of the neck. To be honest, I haven't checked recently, and now her hair is getting longer anyway.


answered 18 May '10, 12:34

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