Is it advisable to give ice cream to a baby around 12-18 months? Any suggestion....

asked 18 May '10, 04:20

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Pandiya Chendur
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Yes, I did give my daughter ice cream between the ages of 12-18 months.

My suggestions would be to;

  1. Only give small amounts and limit it to twice a week at that age.
  2. Check the labels on the packaging and look at ingredients and quantities of fat artificial colourings or flavourings, so you can make a healthier choice.
  3. Also try out frozen yoghurt (like this) flavoured with natural fruits if available in your area. (but not to be thought of as yoghurt)
  4. Make sure Ice cream is always thought of as "a treat" :)

answered 18 May '10, 10:03

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Our son was probably nearer to 18 months but only because he was 12 months in the middle of winter. My advice try and keep it as a treat. We got into a habit of it being a reward for eating our dinner.

(19 May '10, 00:42) K D

Unless you're particularly concerned about the baby's sugar intake, I don't see why not. Dairy shouldn't be an issue past 12 months. My oldest son had ice cream for the first time at his first birthday party. :)


answered 18 May '10, 05:42

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