Found one yesterday round my daughter's nether regions.

What information I've managed to glean off the web talks about taking medication to kill the worms, and then very draconian hygiene for several weeks.

And that's the bit I'm worried about. Housework is a big job as it is, but what do you do with this, if you don't have 3 house-ladies?

Firstly, as a 'one off', aim to clear eggs from where they may be in your home. This means:

  • Wash sleepwear, bed linen, towels, and cuddly toys.
  • Thoroughly vacuum and 'damp-dust' the whole home. Throw out the cloth after use.
  • Pay particular attention to the bedrooms including vacuuming mattresses, and where children play.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom by 'damp-dusting' surfaces, washing the cloth frequently in hot water. Throw out the cloth after use.

Then, every member of the household should do the following for two weeks:

  • Wear close-fitting underpants or knickers in bed, and change every morning.
  • Also, consider wearing cotton gloves at night as this may also help prevent night-time scratching with fingernails.)
  • Every morning have a bath, or wash around the anus, to get rid of any eggs laid overnight. You must do this straight away after getting up from bed.
  • Ideally, change and wash nightwear each day.

And general hygiene measures which you should always aim to do to prevent getting threadwoms again:

  • Wash hands and scrub under the nails first thing in the morning, after using the toilet or changing nappies, and before eating or preparing food.
  • Try not to bite your nails or suck fingers, and discourage children form doing so.
  • If possible, avoid sharing towels or flannels.
  • Keep toothbrushes in a closed cupboard. Rinse well before use.

And this last bit just kills me:

However, it may not be your home which is a main source of threadworm eggs.

Two weeks of non-stop housework, when there is a good chance they're coming from school anyway...

Have you had any experiences, and did you go through with all these measures, and did it make any difference?

asked 18 May '10, 12:43

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No advice Benjol, just sympathy! We've lucked out (so far!) and avoided threadworm, but we've had lice in our family more than once. And yeah, it's a total pain to go to all the bother of basically sanitizing the house when you KNOW they picked them up at school in the first place!

(18 May '10, 15:32) Neen

We've had them several times. The medication is fairly quick and painless, but everyone in the house should take it, since they are so contagious there's a fair chance you'll all have them. We tend to just be a bit more careful than usual about hygiene e.g. remind the kids about hand washing, try to stop our middle one from sucking her thumb (this has so far proved impossible), make sure everyone wears knickers in bed.

From the point of view of them probably coming home from school anyway - we've always found it easiest to get rid of headlice during school holidays. It's not that long until a half term break where I am, is that the same for you? Perhaps wait and start the programme of eradication at the beginning of the school holidays?


answered 24 May '10, 12:08

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Meg Stephenson
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Thanks for all your advice. We've already taken the pill, the whole family. Advice here is to take a second one two weeks after, just in case. No half term in sight though - we've just had two bank holidays (Ascension & Pentecost), but school ends in June so not too bad...

(25 May '10, 06:48) Benjol
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