how long can a baby stay in a wet diaper without it leaking? Any suggestion...


Babies around 8-12 months old and Diapers like Pampers,Luvs and huggies etc...

asked 19 May '10, 05:30

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Pandiya Chendur
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You might want to provide more details, such as age of the baby, what diapers you use, etc. As it stands, your question is impossible to answer meaningfully.

(19 May '10, 11:13) dave0

From my experience it really depends on the brand/absorbency of the diaper and whether it is the appropriate size. We started with cloth diapers and they need to be changed more often then disposable.

When our daughter started sleeping longer at night we found that if she wore Huggies her diapers always leaked and woke her up. If she wore Pampers she would be good for the night. We also found that the diapers began to leak before she reached the maximum weight for the diaper and she had to move up a size as soon as she met the minimum weight for that size.

If it can be helped (i.e. during the day time), I would avoid keeping a baby in a wet diaper for too long. In my experience with my daughter the wetness irritates the skin and can lead to diaper rashes.


answered 19 May '10, 11:15

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+1 also some little ones have more sensitive skin and would probably let you know of their discomfort by crying.

(19 May '10, 12:03) Emi
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