A recent article I read about "Fathers and "Post natal depression" caught my attention and I would like to share with the moms4mom community.

I have always wondered about how fathers/males have handled their emotions following the birth, and raised this question earlier.

I think this BBC article contains some interesting information, and could prompt deeper research of the topic and help future parents.

What do you think about this as a father or a spouse of someone who has had mild or severe post natal depression, and whether it affected you in any way?

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I found this statement interesting: "...mounting evidence suggests that early paternal depression may have substantial emotional, behavioural and developmental effects on children." Being a new parent is synonymous with severe sleep deprivation, and the dangers of that are well known: http://www.edubook.com/dangers-of-sleep-deprivation/23856/

(20 May '10, 10:18) Scott ♦♦

Yes I agree totally, and I recall that we touched upon the subject of "sleep deprivation" in this question http://moms4mom.com/questions/1961/do-you-find-you-get-sick-more-after-having-a-child-even-dads/1967#1967

(20 May '10, 10:24) Emi
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