My 9 month old son is VERY frustrated because he can't get around. He can get into the crawling position and even move backwards, but that's not enough for him. He ends up whining and crying out of frustration because he knows he SHOULD be able to get around. He gets the knee-movement part, but doesn't get that he has to move his hands- I've tried holding up his torso so that he hovers and maybe will start the motion on his own, but that doesn't help.

Does anyone have any tips on how to help teach your child to crawl?

asked 21 May '10, 13:12

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If it helps, my baby was around that age when he figured it out. He was just rocking back and forth on hands and knees, and suddenly he just got it. Sounds like your guy is very motivated! He'll figure it out soon, I bet.

(24 May '10, 14:00) Anne

High Country Early Intervention recommends:

As baby starts to creep and experiment with crawling, encourage him to assume the hand-knee position by placing a rolled blanket below his abdomen when lying on his stomach. Once he is comfortable with this position and is able to maintain it himself, help him to rock back and forth. This encourages him to shift his weight from one arm to the other. You can also accomplish this by placing a toy in front of him so he will pick up one hand to get the toy.

I remember seeing the towel suggestion before when I was looking for our baby. Our baby also crawled backwards for quite a while before figuring out how to crawl forwards.


answered 21 May '10, 13:50

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My babies all went backwards before they managed forwards. I seem to remember they found forwards easier if they could grab on to something. For example my eldest could go forwards on grass because she would grab a handful and it would stop her from sliding backwards. It really was only a matter of days between the backwards and the forwards stage though.


answered 24 May '10, 13:03

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As most of the babies learn to crawl when they are 6 to 10 months. There is no need to worry about that for few babies it takes time to crawl. As cousin DS has started crawling when he was around 11 months.


answered 25 Jun '15, 08:52

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Do you have a reference for the 6 to 10 months figure?

(24 Jul '15, 20:28) Scott ♦♦
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