I really find difficult to explain an addition to my sister's sons 9+7=16 ... I used hand and mind combination but they aren't able to grasp it... Any other easy way to teach mathematics? How do you teach maths to kids around 4-8 yrs? Also suggest good mathematics games for them?

asked 22 May '10, 05:30

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Sorry, but what do you mean by "hand and mind combination"?

(22 May '10, 16:44) Scott ♦♦

How about using pebbles or other objects? Physical objects might help them grasp it ... especially if the objects are candies or toys :)

Also I'm sure there are fun computer games that will help them learn math.

Edit - you should probably search from some iPad applications - from what I've seen on youtube, young kids dig it, and it might be an easy to to teach them something.


answered 23 May '10, 21:28

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+1 on physical things! In school we used "paper pebbles" at first. Also, whether he's 4 or 8 will already make a big difference. Memory is not that good on this one, but probably around 8 or 10 I had a computer program (on an Atari ST 1024 :)) to add and subtract numbers, really fun.

(06 Nov '10, 18:39) Alexander

4 to 8 year olds is a very wide range, my 4.5 year old can't do sums that cross the 10 line (4+4 is fine but 9+7 is currently beyond him), on the other hand my 6.5 year old can add 256+256 with no problem (doing powers of 2 we got to 8,192).

My suggestion is not to rush things, they pick things up as they go along.

The way I do it with my children is to split the question into smaller parts.

Me: 7 is 6+1 so 9+7 is like 9+1+6 how much is 9+1?
Child: 10
Me: that's right and 10+6 is?
Child: 16
Me: so 9+7 is?
Child: 16.


answered 10 Nov '10, 20:46

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