What's a "normal" amount of sleep for a 2 year old?

asked 26 May '10, 01:44

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More, probably :)

(26 May '10, 04:51) Benjol

According to this article, most toddlers (1-3) sleep 10 to 13 hours.

Personally, my two year old sleeps for about 11 hours at night (8pm - 7am) and has an afternoon nap that varies in length from 2 - 4 hours; however, I think she definitely sleeps more than other kids her age (not that I'm complaining).


answered 26 May '10, 04:22

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+1 Very similar to the pattern we had. 11-12 hours at night + a nap that varied from 1-3 hours per day. She could stay up longer and nap less from time to time (but this would almost instantly become apparent in her behavior, and being tired but not accepting the fact but instead fighting against it.

(26 May '10, 08:21) Emi

My child health book says something similar. Both my kids would have had slightly more at that age. 11-12 hours overnight and a 2-3 hour nap.

(26 May '10, 08:59) K D
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