Winter has arrived a week early here and it rather cold, especially at night. When I was filling my own hot water bottle last night I wondered was my four year old old enough for a hot water bottle. We do have a heater on in their bedroom.

I was thinking that I would either use one of the gel ones you heat in the microwave or fill a normal hot water bottle with hot tap water.

What age would you give a child a hot water bottle? Was filled with water?

asked 27 May '10, 23:00

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I'd say a 4 year old would be old enough for a hot-water bottle/gel pack especially if it had a cover (say like this one). I would pick a gel pack over water so I wouldn't be worried that the lid would leak.

Edit: Just wanted to add this link to Warm Buddies where they sell plush animals with microwavable heat packs.


answered 28 May '10, 03:57

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I got one that is a soft toy with a hot-water bottle inside.

(29 Jul '10, 01:31) K D

I've never used a hot water bottle. However, I think I was about six when my parents got me an electric blanket. We started using heater fans with temperature sensors in our kids rooms when they were infants.


answered 28 May '10, 01:46

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I would be careful with anything electric, still a chance of overheating during the night, ther are some really good reusable heat pads, that cool and are not too dangerous at night. try


answered 24 May '11, 22:16

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