Does anyone recommend a really reliable humidifier? We've gone through a few cheapies but are wary of buying a more expensive one if it is going fail on us fairly quickly too.

asked 29 May '10, 15:05

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Do you live in an area with hard water?

(29 May '10, 17:16) mkcoehoorn

Yes, really hard water. Our past humidifiers required us to add salt.

(29 May '10, 20:32) jayrdub

@jayrdub - that's odd. Salt adds hardness to water. Water softeners don't use salt to soften the water; they use resin balls. The salt just is just part of the recharging process.

(30 May '10, 01:57) Scott ♦♦

The instructions on the humidifier say to add salt to the water if it doesn't steam much. And it doesn't steam much without adding salt.

(31 May '10, 14:11) jayrdub

What brands have you already tried. I've tried the Vicks brand and it's terrible...but as Emi said below I really like the Crane brand.

(04 Jun '10, 07:20) Sabrina

In an earlier question, asking about "cold remedies for children under twos, Sabrina's answer recommends using the "Crane Humidifiers" (links to the product can be found in her answer)

Additionally I have never used one, but friends have spoken highly about Air-o-swiss products.

Good luck.


answered 01 Jun '10, 09:12

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Scott ♦♦

Yes, as Emi pointed out I really like the Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers, we have 2 of them. We are going on 2 1/2 years of using them without any failures. We don't use them on a daily basis, but when our kids are sick I might use them for several weeks at a time having them on for several hours at a time.

They have great features wich include: cool to the touch, quiet, easy to fill with water and of course are designed for cuteness. They also have a steam adjustment nob, which on the high setting puts out A LOT of visual steam so I wouldn't think you would have to add salt to them.


answered 04 Jun '10, 07:35

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