What are some gift ideas that kids can make for their dads for Father's Day?

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asked 31 May '10, 19:28

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(31 May '10, 21:27) Tammy ♦♦

Should we break this into various age groups somehow?

(01 Jun '10, 01:31) Scott ♦♦

Maybe once we get a variety of answers, someone could submit a compiled and categorized answer.

(01 Jun '10, 14:12) mkcoehoorn

I'd like a new surround amp, but I doubt our daughter's that handy with a soldering iron just yet.

(02 Jun '10, 14:13) Rich Seller

He will love absolutely any home made gift from his child. What he probably won't admit though, even to himself, is that having too many creates clutter and he'll be torn when trying to save space. I would recommend gifts that serve an additional purpose such as the bookmark that Emi mentioned.

Some others:

  • Mouse pad with hand drawn picture
  • Coffee mug with a special design, phrase
  • Ceramic painted jewelry dish - he may not wear a lot of jewelry, but he could use it to hold all of that stuff his pockets accumulate throughout the day

Those kinds of gifts could easily last until the young one goes off to college and he will cherish them every single time he uses them.

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answered 05 Jun '10, 03:42

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+1 for the "keepsake, or clutter?" question I have to ask myself every time I move yet another box of... stuff...

(08 Jun '10, 19:28) Adam Davis

When I taught Preschool we made the dad trail mix and decorated the can. We got all the kids to bring something to put in the trail mix and then scooped it in the cans. My husband Loved it when he got his.

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answered 03 Jun '10, 01:06

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I love trail mix too! Woo!

(08 Jun '10, 19:27) Adam Davis

How about a subscription to Make Magazine?

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answered 03 Jun '10, 02:14

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Scott ♦♦
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That is a good idea in that the magazine has lots of projects that can be done together with children, giving opportunity for more time with dad while doing a project both dad and the child will find interesting. Of course, some don't like the idea of giving gifts that are almost meant to benefit the giver, but I think most fathers would sincerely say they would like to spend more time with their kids, and wish they had more varied activities they could both share and enjoy.

(08 Jun '10, 19:32) Adam Davis

Something with a photo of themselves in it. Dad can take it to work. Either make their own frame or mount it on a background the kid has decorated.

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answered 03 Jun '10, 07:18

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My husband got a handmade bookmark for Fathers day last year. My daughter made it in her preschool, it had the words "I love you daddy" written on it and also a picture of herself. This was then covered with a plastic film. The look on his face when he got that was quite something.

I recommend that because it looked like something that could be made and personalized easily and once covered with the plastic film would be long lasting, and can easily be kept as a keepsake for the future. She made that just before her 5th birthday last year.

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answered 01 Jun '10, 08:47

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Something they've made that he could take to work with him and show off in his workspace (desk, toolbox, vehicle, etc.) would generally be appreciated.

Most guys (particularly programmer types) have some pet project on the go where they might just like some time to focus on it.

If you're looking for more of a "real" gift (and he's any kind of a technical person), check out ThinkGeek.com for some brainstorming ideas.

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answered 03 Jun '10, 02:09

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Scott ♦♦
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