4 days old and he has giant hiccups. any thoughts on ideas to help with them?

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Andy H
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Matthew Jones


4 days old!? That's nothing. My wife is 34, and she still gets uncontrollable hiccups!

(02 Jun '10, 01:13) Kyralessa

Babies get hiccups. It's a fact of life. My baby hiccuped all the time -- before and after he was born. In fact he's a year old and he still gets them. I asked my doctor, who said there's nothing you can do, and nothing you need to do.


answered 01 Jun '10, 16:07

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I had forgotten but our daughter had hiccups almost daily from before she was born, during labour, to several months after she was born. I also remember the nurses saying something similar. Eventually they stopped.

(01 Jun '10, 19:49) Tammy ♦♦

+1 We tried make it a positive thing so I would never say "you poor child you have the hiccups".

(02 Jun '10, 00:00) K D

+1 All 4 of my kids had them regularly when they were small babies too. And before they were born, that's an odd sensation isn't it?

(02 Jun '10, 16:41) Neen

Our little girl (5 weeks) gets hiccups once or twice a day, as Anne says it is normal. They seem to go a bit quicker if she's being held rather than lying down, and they often tail off and go as she falls asleep or after she is winded. If I'm free to hold her I'll tend to bounce her gently and stroke her back like I'm trying to get her to sleep (which I often am). I'm doubtful this works for an alert baby but when she's sleepy it seems to help.

She does seem to get them worse when we give her a bottle over breast feeding, I guess this is because she can feed faster. The last few bottles I've given her I've broken up the feed to wind her a few times and she doesn't seem as bad.

Obviously this is just my personal experience, but it seems there is some evidence to support breaking up the feed by burping.

Frequent burping during feeding may decrease the instances of hiccups, but once they start there is very little that you can do.

The main thing is to not worry about it too much either way. It should go eventually, and even if it doesn't apparently you can hiccup for 68 years without problems


answered 02 Jun '10, 14:07

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Rich Seller
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We found that breastfeeding was the only thing that stopped the hiccups. Like everyone else said, it's not necessary to stop them from hiccuping, but it's so sad huh?

My husband would "make" me breasfeed to stop our daughter's hiccups because he felt bad for her. Makes me laugh to remember him handing her to me saying "make it stop, make it stop."


answered 05 Jun '10, 07:31

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We noticed that our son got hiccups when he was too cold.

Check his body temperature (simply feel the back of his neck) and adjust the clothing if necessary. Other things are not needed.


answered 01 Jun '10, 19:31

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My girl used to get hiccups all the time - so much so we even took her to a doctor once to make sure she didn't have GERD! After lots of reading though, we found out a couple things about baby hiccups... First of all, don't be worried about them - they're normal! Second of all, like said before, cold can do it, so try just holding your baby close to you. And if that doesn't work, you need to get them to change their breathing cycle. Try feeding or burping, or even just getting them playing and excited about something can help.

Good luck! :-D


answered 20 Feb '12, 11:55

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