Our son was 2 and a half before we tried to get him to give up the bottle (which he promptly did, thanks to the 'fairies' and a nice present), but is that too long? What's the optimum age for a child to stay on the bottle?

asked 04 Jun '10, 23:34

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If his high school friends are making fun of him, it's time to quit. ...Then again, he might well start a trend. Wasn't there some bizarre pacifier fad going around a while back?

(05 Jun '10, 00:06) Kyralessa

Ours started learning in the bath, if that doesn't gross you out too much :) (http://moms4mom.com/questions/1000/drinking-bath-water-yuck)

(07 Jun '10, 08:58) Benjol

Our pediatrician recommended attempting to stop at 1 year. Most of the literature I've read also recommends weaning off the bottle at 1 year.

I think our daughter was 16 months when she stopped and our son was 13 months. From personal experience I think it was easier to help my kids make the transition to a cup earlier than later.


answered 05 Jun '10, 07:41

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We transitioned to a cup at 1 year as well. It went pretty smoothly.

(05 Jun '10, 12:50) Tammy ♦♦

My pediatrician says the same thing, even though I'm also still nursing him. Does anyone know what their reasoning is?

(08 Jun '10, 16:07) Anne
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