What is a certified nurse midwife? Is the training required most similar to a CNA, RN, or nurse practitioner? Are all midwives in the US certified nurse midwives?

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Based on these two references, a certified nurse midwife is an "advance practice nurse" with additional training related to delivering babies, pregnancy, etc.

And "advance practice nurse" is an RN with extra training to do stuff that a doctor would normally do.

In the United States, there is also another category of Midwife called a Direct-Entry Midwife who "is educated in the discipline of midwifery in a program or path that does not require prior education as a nurse." So the answer to the last part of you question is "no".


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The midwives who delivered my kids were certified nurse midwives, they have masters degrees in nursing and a lot of experience. Many of the nurses who work in their birth center also are training to become midwives themselves.

One thing we had to bear in mind (in Wisconsin) with our midwives was that if there were problems with our pregnancy, that they could only assist with a hospital labor as some sort of birth coach and advocate, like a doula.

There are midwives who work in hospitals nearby, but I was told by our midwife that their roles aren't the same as the midwives at the birth center (i.e. you'd still need a doctor to deliver the baby), although I'm not certain if these midwives have the same education or are in fact certified nurse midwives.


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