My 6 month old has always scratched himself since he was an infant. Back then we were able to prevent scars by putting mitts on him... but then his hands started to smell like stinky feet =P so we tried airing his hands out when we were right next to him. Later we just took them off completely because we didn't think it was too bad.

Now, he's 6 months old and he's learned to self-soothe himself by sucking his fingers in his sleep. He only scratches himself in his sleep, and when he's about to fall asleep (and when he gets frustrated with something). If we put mitts on him now it prevents him from soothing himself back to sleep and instead wakes him up from his sleep.

He scratched his face yesterday, and it's the worst one yet! I want to put a bandaid over it so he can't scratch it again, but since it's on his face (and right by his eye) I'm afraid to do that.

Any suggestions to help prevent scratching? And suggestions to help quickly heal scarring and re-scratching?

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+1 Good question. Some of the creams like Calamine, Sudocream and Candula mentioned in these answers could be useful for you to assist healing, the scarred area.

(10 Jun '10, 08:37) Emi

We found, oddly enough, that the less frequently we clipped their fingernails, the duller they were - clipping them seemed to create sharper nails! When we did clip them, we used a very fine emery board to make sure there were no sharp corners, and that they were rounded on all edges.

Once scratched, though, basic first aid - wash, maybe put a little antibiotic on it. No bandaids, though.

We never really worried too much about it, and while our babies scratched themselves from time to time there are no noticeable scars.

We never did mitts, but for the first few months we did a lot of swaddling, which also prevented scratches.


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+1 Great points, I agree that it's those corners of the nails that can tend to be really sharp if edges are not filed down.

(10 Jun '10, 08:39) Emi

I've been filing his nails after cutting them to try and prevent the sharp edges... but I think you're right, it does seem to make things worse. I guess I'll try to go the other route and clip his nails less frequently and see how that goes.

Ugh~ but his scratch is the worst yet! usually it'll just scab over and disappear in a few days... he got it pretty badly so it's almost like an open wound =( Luckily, he doesn't seem to notice it.

(10 Jun '10, 15:17) ekim
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