My 4 month old suddenly is refusing to drink his milk during the day, he drinks it only at night in a sleepy state, I took him to the doctor who said that nothing seems to be wrong with him, I have not introduced him to solids as yet as he is still too little, he refuses the cool boiled water and the rooibos tea as well? He is not gaining enough weight as well, this has been going on for 2 weeks now and nothing in his routine has changed for him to not want his milk.

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Hi Karishma, responses to this similar question may be useful to you

(10 Jun '10, 18:22) Tammy ♦♦

It may be that your son has started teething. Our daugther often refused the bottle at this time.

Here is a portion of my response from the questions my six month old suddenly refuses to drink milk outlining some other suggestions:

There are some other suggestions at Here is a paragraph from the article:

If your baby usually has only milk and refuses it (or if he has milk and solids but is refusing to eat or drink either), then it may be a sign of illness or discomfort. Common causes are colds, viral infections, ear and throat infections (which can make sucking painful), and oral thrush. All of these conditions are easily treated, but if a young baby refuses two consecutive feeds, it is important to get advice from your doctor or health visitor. You could try giving your baby a drink of cooled boiled water, which will help to maintain hydration, but still seek advice as to why he is refusing milk.

Bottom line is if you feel like there is something seriously wrong and he doesn't start eating and keeps losing weight, I would get a second opinion.


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