My 4 year old daughter has been recently diagnosed with a lazy eye. Next week we have an appointment to see a pediatric opthamologist. Has anyone else gone through this before? What can I expect regarding the appointment and treatment?

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Wikipedia has some information on common treatments. Looks like your daughter will have to have a patched-up eye for some time. Best wishes!


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We've already talked to her about an eye patch a little and told her that she might have to look like a pirate for a while. She thought that sounded fun - we'll see how long that attitude lasts.

(11 Jun '10, 19:11) mkcoehoorn

That's actually a nice idea... I presume the eye patch will be a white adhesive patch - get a "classical" black patch-on-a-string, maybe paint a white skull-and-bones logo on it...

(13 Jun '10, 09:03) brandstaetter

@ mkcoehoorn From my experience working with children who have had patched eyes the thing that often frustrates them is that they will patch the good eye in order to exercise the lazy eye. That is frustrating because the child has to work harder to see. In my experience they often get tired of not seeing clearly and want to remove the patch.

(15 Jun '10, 13:07) Tammy ♦♦

My daughters eyes cross, so we are trying glasses first to see if they help the eyes to straighten out. I hope so because we don't want to have to put her through a surgery. She is a year and a half, and she just screamed so much while the doctor looked at her eyes. My husband and I had to hold her down, so she could look at her eyes. I was really disappointed with this pediatric would think if she works with young children she would be a bit more friendly or know how to work with her better. Though, we knew she would most likely cry, but I would have thought she would be a bit more understanding with our daughter.


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