We've noticed our 15 month-old son signing when he wants something to eat. We recently changed day care providers so I can't just go back and ask them what it means when my son does this. It happens around snack times/food times but also (seemingly) randomly throughout the day.

His right hand is in front of him with his palm facing to the left and he uses the index finger of his left hand to point at the right hand palm. Sometimes the hands are reversed.

There are many different dialects of sign language (infant, toddler, ASL, BSL, etc.) and I haven't found which one this sign belongs to or what it means.

In our house it's been equated somewhat with "more please" but we'd like to know the "real" meaning and potentially continue with his learning at home.

asked 12 Jun '10, 14:56

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Rob Allen
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As far as I know, please is a closed hand moving up and down along the center of your chest. "More" uses two hands though.

(13 Jun '10, 02:16) Scott ♦♦

In ASL sorry is a closed hand circling at the chest and please is an open hand with the same motion. More is two hands, fingers and thumbs together (like a duck shadow puppet), being bumped together.

(13 Jun '10, 02:19) mkcoehoorn

@mkcoehoorn: then our daughter is actually signing "More" correctly :)

(13 Jun '10, 17:29) Scott ♦♦

+1 great question and answers, (just a quick question, why is it not possible to ask the previous carer? I think that you have a right to ask them?? )

(15 Jun '10, 08:47) Emi

It seems to be a generally accepted alternative sign for "more."

I have 2 pieces internet-related evidence for this:

1) Here is a blog post, with a picture of the poster's son making the sign you describe, and the picture is labeled as the "more" sign: Daily Jake: 2008-12-14

2) Here is a link to a discussion board post where the poster says she uses the sign you describe for "more" b/c the real ASL sign is easily confused with clapping: IndieMOM Discussion Board Post


answered 12 Jun '10, 22:43

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+1 I would agree it is "more". We went to a course on baby sign and it is very similar what we were taught there and is in the book were were given at the course. The course used three fingers but I simiplied it to one finger.

(13 Jun '10, 07:24) K D

The "Daily Jake" blog is not very good evidence for the signing of "more." They either taught "more" wrong to him or he is approximating the sign strangely. Noone I know who uses baby sign or ASL signs "more" without using a bouncing motion of their fingers from both hands together.

(23 Jun '10, 05:02) Sabrina

The sign he is making is similar to "again" where "officially" you use 4 fingers point into the other hand. We taught "again" to our children and they sign it using only one finger the same way as your son. (one finger is easier than 4). You can use either hand for this sign and it means the same.

We mostly use it for playing games. "Do you want to jump again?" And they would sign "again"

We noticed that sometimes our son would use "more" and "again" interchangeably. So at meal times he would sometimes sign "again" intstead of "more." And when we were playing he would sometimes sign "more."


answered 14 Jun '10, 05:00

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Here is a picture of the sign "again": http://www.lifeprint.com/ Look under "A" for "again."

(14 Jun '10, 05:07) Sabrina

I can't tell you what the real meaning is but our toddler does the same thing. We've decided it's his version of "want" (as he does it for more than food) based off infant sign language more gesture.


answered 12 Jun '10, 19:20

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Kiesa ♦
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Tapping your fingertips together like that is 'more'. One finger into the palm of the other hand is 'again'. Both VERY useful to know!


answered 20 Jun '10, 05:04

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My daughter is 22 months and talking too but does this sign and says "more" while she does it. No idea where she learned it and I do know it is not the correct way of signing "more."


answered 15 Dec '10, 02:50

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Courtney 1
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