My son has a wart on a knuckle. I asked our GP for his recommendation on a kid safe remover and he said to use duct tape. Unfortunately my son would leave the duct tape alone for about 5 minutes and then pull it off. I now have an store-brand liquid remover that we're trying. Are there any other remedies that would be kid safe (in case this one does't work)?

Also what are the chances that the wart could cause problems with the use of his finger if we end up leaving alone until he is older?

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My second oldest used to get warts on his hands and planters warts all the time when he was younger.

When he was about 3 we used to put the liquid remover on then the duct tape and then a fabric-type band-aid. Not the plastic ones, they can get those off too easily, we had to use the fabric-type that I can't get off myself without using scissors most of the time. The real trick was to only put them on at bedtime and take them off in the morning (and say "don't bug your band-aid" a lot while reading his story and tucking him in). I remember it took a couple of weeks, but we did manage to get rid of that one.

When he was older, I mostly just ignored them unless they were bugging him, and by that age he'd leave the duct tape alone, but we still just really used it at night when it wouldn't get mucky and disgusting.


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According to the McKinley Health Center at the University of Michigan,

Warts often disappear without treatment over a period of several months to years. However, since warts can be spread to others or new areas of the body, it is reasonable to treat most people, especially if the warts are bothersome or painful.

According to the University of Michigan Health System, there isn't much research about the effectiveness of treating warts using various methods.

While I don't remember having warts as a toddler, I did have a lot of trouble with warts when I was in elementary school. At one point, I had 14 warts on my hands. They always seemed to bother my mother more than me. I never noticed any problem using my fingers though maybe for a toddler the wart could be large enough in comparison to the hand to cause problems.


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I also have several warts on my hands in late elementary school and highschool and they never bothered me. At one point I had them treated with liquid nitrogen at the hospital but I honestly don't believe that really helped get rid of them. They eventually went away with time.

(14 Jun '10, 00:59) Tammy ♦♦
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