Right now, my toddler is in a daycare he really likes 6 hours every weekday. This started when he was in the infant room and I had to pay full-time rates regardless of how many hours he attended. However, now he's in the next room up. If I choose to have him attend more hours on one less day, I don't have to pay as much. I have been reluctant to choose this option because it seems he would do better with a consistent schedule each day. Also, I wonder if is it better for me to have consistent bonding time with him each day or to have a little less some days when I have more on others.

I've seen some studies that talk about the total amount of time kids are in daycare each week but not the distribution of that time. Has anybody seen something like this? Have you had experience with part-time daycare and if so, what has worked best for you?

asked 18 Jun '10, 00:09

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I couldn't find any studies about distribution of time at day care either, and my older sons were always in full-time, so you can take this with a grain of salt if you like.

But, I think if I were you I'd ask if your day-care would let you try the changed schedual on for size for a week or two. Your little guy may not even notice the extra time on some days, and you both might treasure the extra whole afternoon (or whenever) time you get to be together.

Or, it might suck for one or both of you, and you can admit it isn't working and switch back.


answered 20 Jun '10, 07:30

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Our daughter is in full-time, but even then, she's home with us on the weekends and seems to have no issues switching between the weekday schedule and the weekend schedule. I can't think of a reason that a 4-day week schedule wouldn't be similar.


answered 20 Jun '10, 13:45

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