We are on a whirlwind tour of Southern California and have only one free day there. Obviously no trip to SoCal is complete without Disneyland, but there seems to be 2 parks there - Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure? Which one should we target? It seems like doing both in one day would be too much. We have a 5 year old and 20month old. Thanks.

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Go to Disneyland and have a corn dog from the fire truck just outside of Main Street. Yeah, there's a line but the line exists for a reason.

(30 Sep '09, 17:01) bbrown

Thanks, folks. Disneyland it is for now.

(30 Sep '09, 17:31) kaart

I would definitely go with Disneyland. It is more geared for children where as California Adventure is geared towards an "older" crowd. I have been to both and I think that Disneyland has a lot more rides for children. Go as early as you can so that you get on as many rides before the place fills up! Another great tip is that you can now bring your own food into the park . . . helps with the pocketbook! Have a great time!


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Neither. For kids that age you should go to Legoland. It's totally geared for young kids.


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lol, that's funny that you picked neither. :) I do agree Legoland is really fun for young kids.

(30 Sep '09, 16:12) Sabrina

A 5 year old and a 20-month old are going to get far more out of Disneyland than Legoland.

(30 Sep '09, 16:59) bbrown

We did legoland on another of our whirlwind tours. :)

(30 Sep '09, 17:30) kaart

With relatively young kids like that, I would definitely recommend Disneyland, as most of the attractions are geared much more to that age than California Adventures. We were there earlier this summer, and our then-18-month old LOVED "It's a Small World" and "Peter Pan".

Have fun!


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If you haven't been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for awhile then Disneyland is the place to go because it's a classic. Although, I personally like California Adventure for my 11 month old as there are not as many people which means she has more room to walk around without being run over by crowds. In Disney's California Adventure there is Flick's Fun Fair and The Redwood Course Challenge Trail which is perfect little ones, especially if your 5 year old doesn't like the bigger scarier rides. If you do go to California Adventure you can also check out Toy Story Mania, Turtle Talk with Crush, Playhouse Disney's Live Show, and Monster's Inc. These are all rides that are appropriate for a 20 month old and a 5 year old.


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If you do go to California Adventure, I would recommend skipping the A Bug's Life 3D movie. My kids absolutely wigged out within 5 minutes and they are reluctant to see any movie if it is billed as being in 3D because of that.

(30 Sep '09, 17:00) bbrown

I'd go to Disneyland. Sure, there are rides, but there's also

  • an actual Castle and the opportunity to meet princesses (note: this is Sleeping Beauty's and not Cinderella's Castle)
  • Toontown where you can actually visit Mickey Mouse's house
  • The Jedi Training academy where you can learn to be a Jedi
  • Fantasmic fireworks
  • parades & street parties

We've been to Walt Disney World a few times and can't wait to go out west to Disneyland. The expression as your kids meet the characters or experience the parades will be priceless.


answered 19 Oct '09, 13:04

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Disneyland without a doubt. Our kids (5, 5, and 3 at the time) enjoyed only a couple of attractions there and we wouldn't have gone to California Adventure if we didn't have a 5-day pass.


answered 30 Sep '09, 04:21

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I far prefer Sea World and Legoland to Disney


answered 19 Oct '09, 14:40

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