Both of our kids have pink eye. The doctor gave us eye drops to administer a couple times a day. We are finding that it is pretty much torture for everyone involved. My 3yr old screams and throws a terrible fit every single time. Our 2yr old is not so bad, but is less cooperative after watching his sister throw a fit so we have to do his eyes first.

We started off with showing them how it worked, offered a candy for cooperating, etc. But they refused to let us put them in so we had to revert to holding them down and it really is a crazy sight. I'm not even sure if I'm getting the right amount of drops in because it's so crazy to hold their eyes open for them and administer the drops when they are refusing.

Is there a better way to administer the drops?? Or any tips that worked with your kids?

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+1 Great question. I remember clearly feeling really bad because I couldn't do it without my husband helping me, by holding her down.

(23 Jun '10, 10:31) Emi

I remember having this exact conversation with the nurse at my doctors office about 14 years ago, the kids were in tears, I was in tears, it was an ugly situation.

She said "Have you tried doing it with their eyes closed?" Umm, nope, I hadn't.

You just get them to lean back in your arms and put the drops in the corner of their eye when it's closed and then get them to blink a few times and the medicine goes in. Way less scary than somebody coming at your open eye and it works. Keep a towel or facecloth handy because some will end up on their cheeks, but you definitely get way more of the drops in their eyes then you do when they're fighting with you. (And with pink-eye, I always had damp facecloths or wipes stashed all over my house anyway!)

I'd also give them the candy first, they had to close their eyes and I'd pop it in their mouths, give them the eye-drops, and we were done. Easy-peasy.

Hope it works for you too, because it sure sucks to be the grown-up when they fight you like little tigers over something that you just have to do.


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Rich Seller

+1 Good idea. I never thought to do it that way... instead we waited till she was asleep and went about it as though we were performing brain surgery !

(23 Jun '10, 10:33) Emi

Great idea...it totally worked! Thank you!

(23 Jun '10, 21:34) Sabrina

Whoop! I'm so glad! I hate it when I have to force them to take medicine, and I know you must hate it too.

(24 Jun '10, 03:45) Neen

I was dreading this all day. My 5 year old has Pneumonia and now 2 super infected green gooey gluey eyes. Yuck. I did the closed eye suggestion and it worked like a charm! I sat in a recliner and had him sit on the floor in front of me with his head between my legs facing the same way I was. We had him tip his head back till he could see me and then had him close his eyes. No holding down. I promised I would not hold him down and if he wanted to stop after the first one I would. Then I told him he would do a practice "put the drops in" with the cap on ..dry run he consented. Daddy steady his chin in case he jumped and we had him blow way the scary thoughts (think lamaze) as I put the drop in the corner, He asked daddy to blow away his drops as I put them in. It was a breeze. (pun totally intended) We had a good time working together and says he is really proud of himself; "best'es medicine ever"

The suggestions here were a really good place to start. Hope it helps someone else. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

(01 Apr '11, 03:39) Alicia Stuart

We eventually ended up with two ways of administering the eye drops to my daughter.

1) When she was younger, (up to about 3½) we would do it when she was asleep, in two stages, by gently pulling down the corner of her lower eyelid and then again gently lifting slightly the middle of her upper eye lid, and adding a couple of drops. She never woke up, but could stir, so we would wait until she was in a deeper mode of sleep, and continue.

2) Since she is a bit older now (almost 6) and understands what is going on, we have let her hold the droplet container so she has more input in the matter, she understands that it doesn't hurt. We have our own eye drops that we use once in a while and again loves holding the little bottle and playing the part of the grown-up too,(of course being guided by either myself or my husband)

Maybe your 3 year old could try that too? so she can visually understand what is going on?

Good luck!


answered 23 Jun '10, 10:31

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