My pediatrician just prescribed Zantac for our newly fussy three week old. He spits up after every feeding, but does not appear to be vomiting. Over the last few days he has grown increasingly fussy, and sometimes even cries while being breastfed. His naps have gotten shorter, and he looks uncomfortable when he wakes up. Still, our babe isn't screaming 24/7, and does have many periods of calm. My question is: Are meds really necessary?

He has been gaining weight like champ since he was born, and even our pediatrician thinks that the spitting up isn't interfering with his growth. Does anyone have an similar experience? Are there non-medical interventions that work well? Were meds are godsend for you and your baby?

UPDATE: We ended up trying many of the ideas from the spitting up posts Emi linked to. I started nursing for shorter amounts of time, more frequently. I kept the baby elevated while nursing, and my husband held him upright for 1/2 hour after every feeding. We also bought a wedge to elevate him in his crib. All of this helped slightly, but my baby was still in pain during and after every feeding. We decided to try the medication, and saw a dramatic reduction in his crying after just a few days. He now keeps down more food, and seems much happier. Choosing to medicate a child is such a hugely personal decision. I found a lot of comfort in Neen's words about doing what was right for our family. I just wanted to share my choice and my results in case other parents are facing this same challenge.

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johearn, do you have lots and lots of milk, and maybe a forcefull letdown?

(26 Jun '10, 07:31) Neen

To be honest, I'm not sure. This is my first baby, so I'm not too sure what is average.

(06 Jul '10, 13:48) johearn

Thanks for posting the update. That'll be very helpful for other parents going through the same thing. Glad you found a solution!

(06 Jul '10, 16:15) Scott ♦♦

If you did, you'd probably know, you tend to squirt them in the eye (or somebody across the room in the eye) if they unlatch for a second. Forcefull letdown can cause problems that mimic reflux, but if the meds are working, great! I'm so glad your wee one is feeling better!

(06 Jul '10, 23:45) Neen

Here is a great link to kellymom that has a lot of information about breastfed babies and GERD, which your pediatrician seems to think you little guy has, hence the Zantac.

Personally, and this is really my personal opinion, I think I'd get a second opinion before I put a three week old on meds over something that's only been going on for a few days. But your little guy isn't the center of my world, he's the center of yours, and I know you'll make the right decision for your family.


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Thank you for the link and your thoughts. I feel very hesitant about medication, but I hate seeing my baby in pain. It's a tough call, so your input helps.

(24 Jun '10, 21:55) johearn

Did your Pediatrician state clearly why he was prescribing the drug to your baby?

In answer to

"Are there non medical interventions that work well?"

You could read the answers given to earlier questions about "spit up" here there are some points that could be of use to you.


answered 24 Jun '10, 04:20

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The doctor did say that she suspects reflux, as he cries during feedings, pulls off the breast when he is still hungry, and arches his back. Thank you for the link to the other posts! Those suggestions were helpful.

(24 Jun '10, 21:54) johearn

Thank you for posting back, I hope the reflux clears up swiftly. Good luck.

(25 Jun '10, 13:30) Emi
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