A couple of weeks ago during a school "fun day", I noticed that one of my daughter's friends tripped while running. He was wearing "Crocs", and to be honest I cannot recall whether he was wearing socks or not. Then last week, I got a call from school saying my daughter had tripped, and she was also wearing "Crocs" (at school she generally wears socks with them so that she doesn't get small stones or other bits in them while playing in the garden area of the playground).

When talking with her teacher, I learned that while running her shoe seemed to slip off and that was what caused her to lose her balance and trip. I am wondering whether the shoes become slippery if her feet get sweaty...

Have any other parents experienced anything similar? Should we be telling our children not to run while wearing "Crocs" shoes? Do you think "Crocs" are safer worn bare foot?

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asked 25 Jun '10, 14:58

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My kids, my wife and I all have a pair of Crocs. We've told our kids to be careful while wearing Crocs because they are a trip hazard-- the kids figured that out eventually. Crocs can definitely make a kid (or grownup) trip. But the same is true for sandals & flip flops, and parents don't seem to have the same concerns.

That said, they are great shoes when tripping isn't a big problem: sand play, water play, garden days, beach days, painting, etc. You hose them off and you're done. All of our Crocs are in good condition, and some of them are 4+ years old.

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answered 01 Jul '10, 04:25

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Thank you for your answer, I think I can draw the conclusion that "Crocs" are great shoes in some instances, such as the beach, garden etc, but can be hazardous when running around or on escalators as mentioned below. Children may not be running around as much with flip flops because perhaps it is difficult to actually run around with them, and the same goes for some sandals.

(01 Jul '10, 08:41) Emi

After reading about Crocs and escalators, I haven't had the slightest interest in getting any of my kids Crocs.

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answered 26 Jun '10, 21:13

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My daughter has a pair that she got from her grandmother, and I let her wear them around the house. But if we are going somewhere with an escalator, I make her wear sandals or sneakers.

(30 Jun '10, 17:06) mkcoehoorn

I'm not sure if sweaty feet are the issue. My daughter's school asked that the children not wear Crocs to recess or gym because they noticed the shoes sticking to the rubber topped play ground and black top, causing the kids to trip. I've never seen this happen, but we have her to play in sneakers, just in case.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 18:22

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Thank you for your answer. I think it is very commendable that your daughters school has made the point of asking that children do not wear Crocs during recess or gym.I will also recommend this to my daughters Pre-school, although during gym they wear sports shoes/trainers, I think that during break-time/recess they just run around in the playground with whichever shoes they are wearing.

(01 Jul '10, 08:47) Emi

We have Crocs for our 2-year old son. However, they are simply for utility; only for the backyard. I wouldn't recommend them for day trips since they tend to fall off him quite a bit. Best to go with sandals with Velcro straps instead.

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answered 08 Jul '10, 20:33

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My daughters sneakers do stay on better than her crocs, but haven't noticed them coming off easier when she is sweaty.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 15:25

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I don't like the crocs, so I would never buy them for her.

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answered 27 Jun '10, 19:06

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