In a couple of weeks we'll be going on our first camping trip since our son was born. He's now 15-months and still drinks a couple of servings of whole milk. What are the best ways to take it camping with us? I will have a cooler but I'm not sure it'll stay cold enough for milk to be food-safe.

Things I'm considering:

  • Freezing the milk - I assume this would cause it to stay cooler longer but I'm also worried about it thawing out in time :)
  • Using evaporated whole milk from cans - would this be nutritionally equivalent if I reconstitute it?
  • I'd really love to find some aseptic whole milk contains but have only seen 2% or non-fat. Do these exist in other areas?
  • For a previous post, Scott suggested taking a propane cooler when camping. I'm not sure we go camping enough to justify the costs but it sounds fascinating.

What options have you tried? Any hints on things to avoid?

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asked 25 Jun '10, 20:27

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Here are a few things I've tried:

individual yogurts, they are milk with cultures, just make sure they are over 3%. the extra sealing and cultures provide a bit more safety in that department.

I use premade cans of formula. I know he doesn't need it anymore, but it's a great way to get milk from here to there without refrigeration, weather you are in a bush or on a plane. Some friends of mine just bring the powder.

Evaporated milk would work, but check the sugar content.

Remember, they only need 2 servings a day, and cheese and yogurt can be those servings, too.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 21:57

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Ah, I didn't think about yogurt. That probably would be a good option. Thanks :)

(26 Jun '10, 13:32) Kiesa ♦

How long are you going camping for?

A couple of options I would consider are:

  • powder milk. Here we can get it in full fat version. But for a few days it wouldn't matter if it was a low fat version.

  • I have bought single use sachets of formula when we have travelled or when our kids were babies and I was going out.

With both of these you can either use bottled water or boiled water where you are camping if it is safe.

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answered 26 Jun '10, 09:41

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We'll actually only be gone for a couple of days. I don't remember seeing a powdered full-fat version but I'll look again.

(26 Jun '10, 13:31) Kiesa ♦

Horizon brand (in the US, anyway) sells shelf-stable milk in little pouches with a straw (so theoretically you can drink straight from the pouch - like a juice box). I would go that route, I think. Even if your son can't/won't drink out of a straw, you could put it in whatever he usually takes his milk in.

ETA: I'm not sure they have whole as an option. I just saw online that Whole Foods has a brand called "Organic Valley" and they have shelf-stable whole milk.

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answered 02 Jul '10, 01:29

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Thanks for the info about the shelf-stable whole milk. I'll ask my husband to take a look next time he's at Whole Foods.

(09 Jul '10, 00:19) Kiesa ♦
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