When is it considered to be safe to start taking small bike trips with a child using a special bike seat mounted behind the seat in your "area"?

I've heard different opinions, "experts" saying that nothing can be done before the age of 3 and others who were riding without problems since the baby was sitting properly - by listening to the experts one would wonder why those seats are even allowed to be sold...

So how does it look on your end? Are these people hurting their child? :)

Thanks in advance :)

asked 27 Jun '10, 17:38

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We started biking with our kids when they were 1. The biggest thing is that they need to be big enough to wear a (properly fit) helmet - that means a big enough head, a strong enough core & neck.

These articles compare the different type of child carriers and discuss the helmet issue. Both basically say that you should wait until the child is one and talk to your doctor if you have any questions/concerns or want reassurance that (s)he is ready.

Personally we used a front-mount/kangaroo style bike seat, and both kids love it.


answered 27 Jun '10, 23:29

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I started riding with my boy on the back when he was just over one. My partner rides behind me too keep an eye on him in case he feels the need to scratch and itch and attempt to remove the helmet but mostly he becomes really placid when riding around. There is plenty to see that interests him and that seems to keep him well occupied. If you have trouble fitting a helmet you can buy extra pads to help with that. We stay off busy roads, however, since we can't rely on the conscientiousness of motorists all the time.

(01 Jul '10, 21:44) Rick

Our little guy starting riding at 11 months old. He LOVES being outside. We got the i-bert bike seat that is a front mount seat. I highly recommend it. I love that he's close to us and we can talk with him and point things out as we ride. This bike seat is reasonably priced and super easy to install. It's on my husbands bike and he says it's easy to ride with and he does not hit his knees when peddling. It looks cool too.

I think around a year is a good age to start them riding. Like the other comments mentioned, you want to make sure their head and neck are strong enough for all the bumps and turns. Also, make sure you have a proper fitting helmet.


answered 21 Jun '11, 15:10

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I agree, with most bike seats the child is right over the wheel and so bumps around quite a bit, they need to have a good strong spine.

(21 Jun '11, 15:14) Meg Stephenson
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