My little baby really likes to hammer around on my keyboard especially whilst I'm working. This is much fun for him, but he has the tendency to press things like ALT-f4, ctrl-esc up format c: etc..

How can i secure the keyboard and disable all special keys?

asked 29 Jun '10, 15:55

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Great question! I use AlphaBaby on my iPhone for the same purpose and he loves it!

(30 Jun '10, 12:23) Anne

You can always run BabySmash when you leave the keyboard unattended. That might encourage the behaviour though... :)


answered 29 Jun '10, 16:32

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Scott ♦♦
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Our kids love to play babysmash.

(29 Jun '10, 23:51) K D

our too and Now we got our nephews playing it too

(30 Jun '10, 02:29) Mary

our babe loves babysmash! gotta love those "trapezoids"!

(03 Jul '10, 15:38) Lin

Scott makes a good point! I'm afraid I can't give you answers to your questions but I can let you know how we kept our little one entertained.....we kept an old spare keyboard nearby, and when we were using our computers she would mimick us. Although she banged down on the keys at first she did eventually learn to pound less and press the keys more! :-)

Alternatively my husband says that it could be possible to build a foot pedal to activate / deactivate the keyboard.


answered 29 Jun '10, 18:57

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as well as a keyboard we also have a spare mouse and remote control in our toddler's toy box for the same purpose!! it's very cute when we see her using them and looking at the telly (we have a HTPC)!!

(03 Jul '10, 15:43) Lin

If you don't want to go the BabySmash route, you can take the opposite tack: Lock your PC whenever you're not using it. In pretty much any version of Windows you just hit:

Windows Key - L

This prevents anyone from doing anything with the computer, except perhaps typing gibberish in the password field. To unlock, you just enter your username (it'll probably already be there) and password.

Before you do this, make sure you know your password! If you have autologon enabled (as I do, using TweakUI), it might have been a long time since you've had to enter your Windows password. (But worst case you should be able to shut down and autologon again when you boot back up.)


answered 30 Jun '10, 04:11

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(The Windows Key is the one between Control and Alt, most likely, and it has the little four-pane window logo on it.)

(30 Jun '10, 04:12) Kyralessa

+1 in My case probably need to find out from my husband what my password.

(30 Jun '10, 04:52) K D

I use CTRL+ALT+L in Gnome for the same effect.

(01 Jul '10, 21:36) Rick

We've got a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the mouse has an on/off switch. Unfortunately the keyboard doesn't, and you might not be able to get keyboards with on/off switches since unlike mice, they don't constantly monitor whether they're moving.

It does have a USB receiver though, so that could be unplugged.

I usually either:

  • hold the keyboard out of arms reach, and offer the turned off mouse instead
  • run a text editor and keep an eye on that format C: button
  • run babysmash

I might try a program like Kid-Key-Lock.


answered 30 Jun '10, 07:35

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Stephen Denne
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More common is the problem is cats jumping on computers. I wonder if a product like PawSense might work the same for our small two legged keyboard interlopers...


answered 29 Jun '10, 21:58

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Scott ♦♦
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