I'm a new mom and I need help. My son is almost three and we are potty training. His father is not around to show him how to stand so we are starting with sitting. He is doing fairly well and goes three or four times most days. When should I switch to real undies during the day? Right now we use pull ups but they are expensive. I would appreciate some advice for when to get the undies.

Thanks a bunch.


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I wouldn't worry about him standing up, it's a pretty advanced potty skill for little boys. Neither of my older boys bothered until they were grade school age.

(01 Jul '10, 15:12) Neen

Could I humbly request that someone, perhaps Melissa, edit the title so it's actually a question?

(05 Jul '10, 19:32) Scottie T

I would try now, but I am daring like that! Does he ask you to go to the washroom? If not, and you switch him, I would increase the frequency of his trips to the potty.

Bear in mind that you need to be comfortable with the fact that he might have some accidents at first. It being summer though, you might consider trying outside, to minimize the mess.

You could also try using underwear inside the pullup, or switching to cloth pullups. This way he will feel the wet more (I found this to be WAY more effective than the "cool" or changing design pullups).

Good luck!!


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thx alot that makes it easier. i find the changing desigins dont wiork and the cool alert is too late he already peed

(30 Jun '10, 12:34) Melissa 2

Just bite the bullet & go undies all day, using diapers only at night. Given his age, you'll likely have 2-4 weeks of regular accidents, but if you're diligent about getting him to go potty every 30-60 minutes, you'll see the accidents drop off dramatically. I usually get ours to sit down, simply because he's not tall enough to stand up on the big potty, and his potty is too small of a target. Sometimes he wants to potty like daddy, and I'll help him stand up, but I leave that up to him.

Also, don't be shy about using bribery. We started out by asking ours if he wanted a piece of candy. When he said yes, we'd say, "Okay, go use your potty and I'll give you some." That got him where he wanted to use the potty. Now, we don't even mention candy, and he only remembers to ask for it once in a while.

Good luck!


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+1 Todd, we use a sticker chart with my daughter.

(01 Jul '10, 15:08) Neen

I have one nearly toilet trained son and starting to think about it for my daughter. I say "nearly" as we have issues with Number 2's.

When we first started I would take my son to the toilet about once an hour when we were at home and he wore undies at home. Then when he was starting to get the idea I got brave and would go on short outings wearing undies. Then we got the point he was only wearing undies when he went to Preschool. Then we moved to undies all the time. He isn't that great at going by himself but he goes before we go out and before a meal.

When we started we had regular accidents but we have seen that decrease dramatically and now he has learnt to stop and hold on when he starts to go in his undies.

He sits on the toilet, we probably should start to get him to stand up.

My biggest piece of advice is try not to get stressed about the accidents or despair that he will never get there.


answered 01 Jul '10, 01:55

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My wife had a great idea; make a game out of it. She uses Cheerios for our 2-year old son to aim at. This got him into the habit of standing while peeing.


answered 08 Jul '10, 20:36

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