My 15 month old daughter started waking up at 6am recently (2 weeks ago), whereas her usual time to wake up is around 7:30. She is still obviously sleepy, but just refuses to go back to sleep. When I put her to bed at 9:00 am today she slept for 2 hours though.

We didn't change anything in the daily routine, we put her to bed around 8:15-8:30 every evening and she has 1-2 naps during the day.

Why does she do it, and is there a way to "convince" her to sleep longer, so that she is fresh and happy when she gets up?

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Please update us when you get a chance! I'm still wrestling with the same problem and would love to know if any suggestions worked for you.

(06 Jul '10, 11:54) Anne

UPDATE: I started covering the window with an extra thick sheet so that it is much darker in the morning, and so far (touch wood), my daughter is back to her civilized 7:30-ish waking times!

(12 Jul '10, 18:12) Gandrusz

My 13 month old son started doing this a couple weeks ago, too. Our theory is that it's been getting light earlier in the morning. Try putting in blackout shades (in a pinch, tape paper bags to the windows -- it's not pretty, but it works) -- this worked for us, until we hit another teething patch. We also find that he sleeps better if we let him sleep on us in the rocking chair for the last hour or two of the morning, if all else fails.

Also, try shifting her schedule a bit earlier. Not that it's easy during the summer for similar reasons, but it might work.


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I use cardboard from old boxes in the window and it works well. Though it also isn't very pretty.

(02 Jul '10, 20:14) Kiesa ♦

I took cardboard and taped paper bags to it to try to completely black out the windows but he started waking up at 5 again. Maybe it's more like mkcoehoorn says -- that it's just a normal change of routine. Next up, we try to put him to bed earlier, as hard as that is.

(06 Jul '10, 11:54) Anne

We have been having the same issue with my 16 month old twin boys and we have begun transitioning them to one afternoon nap a day and putting them to bed earlier at 7:45-8pm every night. At first we found that my one son could not stay awake through lunchtime so we also have bumped up lunch to make their new naptime right inbetween their 2 old nap times (they used to sleep 10-12pm and 3-5pm and now sleep 12:30-3:30pm).

It has taken a good month for them to get used to this new schedule and whenever they wake up before 7am, I usually still have to put them down for 2 naps (which one son takes both naps and the other usually will only take 1 nap) or if they fight the second nap I put them to bed even earlier. But we are getting the hang of it and they are sleeping in until 7:15-7:30am which I love much more than being up at 6!!

Good luck!


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My babies changed their routines without warning. She will probably either adapt and wake up happy, or she will start sleeping later on her own.


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Have you had any temperature changes recently? My toddler sleeps better when he's warmer (though of course, you don't want them too warm). It's too hot in his room to use a blanket when I first put him in to bed. However, if I wake up around 3-4am I'll check his room and if it's getting cool, I'll wrap a blanket around him which seems to keep him sleeping better.


answered 02 Jul '10, 20:17

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