Our neighborhood is getting together tomorrow night (the 4th of July) to set off fireworks and I am concerned about the loud noises for my kids.

What do you recommend to use for ear protection on small kids?

I was going to use the puffy in-the-ear type but I am not sure if they will keep them in all night. Is there some sort of headphone style ear protection for kids? Where would you purchase such a thing?

asked 04 Jul '10, 07:04

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I know personally that wearing earplugs can be uncomfortable. You can try it though. They're rated by decibels. According to this you're looking at the 88 to 126 dB range for fireworks. Anything over about 85 starts to damage your hearing.

We use these earplugs at work, which have a noise reduction rating of 32 (which is roughly correlated with dB). That should bring fireworks noise down close to or under safe levels:


Something more comfortable, but more bulky, would be this kind:


I would think that a hardware store, big box home improvement store, or even Wal-mart would have something like that.


answered 04 Jul '10, 20:25

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Wow, thanks for the great info. :)

(04 Jul '10, 21:02) Sabrina

You can get ear plugs at Shoppers Drug Mart that are rated for about 32 decibels, as well.

(05 Jul '10, 00:31) cat_g

@cat_g: I don't think they have Shoppers Drug Mart stores in the US (where Sabrina is) but the equivalent would be Walgreen's.

(05 Jul '10, 22:29) Scott ♦♦

I couldn't find ones for kids, not that I gave myself enough time to shop around. And yes no Shoppers Drug Mart but we do have Walgreens. :)

(06 Jul '10, 05:28) Sabrina
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