I am always hungry during my baby's 4am feeding. I tend to grab a granola bar because I can eat it with one hand, and I have no intention of preparing anything more complicated during the wee hours of the morning. Still, some variety would be nice. Does anyone have ideas for healthy snacks that require no preparation and can be eaten while nursing?

asked 06 Jul '10, 14:26

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Bananas are good, I find some other fruits (ie peaches, etc) too juicy and messy to eat. Also yogurt sounds good, what about pudding (rice, tapioca, chocolate, etc) or applesauce? That is assuming eating with a spoon is an option, personally that would probably not have worked for me.

Other one-handed foods...well I don't know if all are that healthy, but crackers, chips, cookies, pepperoni sticks, cheese sticks/slices, etc, may also be options for you.


answered 06 Jul '10, 16:37

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Great ideas! They all seem like they would be easy to grab while nursing.

(06 Jul '10, 17:03) johearn

apples, frozen yougurt, and cheese strings are good too.

(06 Jul '10, 23:29) Neen

I keep trail mix and a (giant water bottle) next to my bed. Trail mix (aka GORP) works well, because it doesn't go bad, you can put what you like in the mix, and you can pick out the pieces you want each time!

Mine included equal parts: peanuts (although you could omit these if you're worried about peanut protein/allergies)
raisins/craisins/other dried fruit
M&Ms (less than equal part, if you'll just pick them all out and eat them at once!)

I'd eat trail mix (either as a handful, or picking out what I wanted), which was salty and made me thirsty, while nursing. Once I put 80 down, I'd be so thirsty I'd drink lots of water. It was a good trick, when I'd otherwise forget the water or not drink much.


answered 06 Jul '10, 21:21

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This is such a great idea. I will try to make some this weekend. I love that I can keep this in a jar by my seat and not worry about it going bad.

(10 Jul '10, 00:57) johearn

I ate a lot of yogurt for snacks when breastfeeding. Pieces of cheese and fruit are also good options.


answered 06 Jul '10, 14:40

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Tammy ♦♦
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Thanks, Tammy! Those sound good.

(06 Jul '10, 15:09) johearn

I lived on Luna Bars when I was pregnant and nursing. I would keep a stash in my bedside table to eat during late-night feedings. In fact, I still do. They have different flavors, so you could get variety that way...

I also found I had to stay on top of my hunger and remind myself to eat frequently whether I was hungry or not. Sometimes prevention is the best medicine. If the baby's sleeping and you're not, make yourself a sandwich. Or get your husband to do it.


answered 06 Jul '10, 17:19

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Luna bars made me feel sick early in pregnancy, and then I just forgot about them. I will have to get back in the habit of grabbing some at the store.

(10 Jul '10, 00:58) johearn

lol, that's the only thing I could eat in early pregnancy! I would nibble on one all day!

(12 Jul '10, 12:50) Anne

At our antenatal classes we were told we should have a drink and snack each time we feed. I was probably better at doing this with my first than my second.

When I was doing middle of the night feeding I would always make sure I had a snack and a drink of water organised before I went to bed. Often it would be a biscuit (rather unhealthy) alternatively I would have some nuts and fruit (either dried or fresh).

Sometimes I would make a hot drink and take it when I went back to bed after feeding.


answered 06 Jul '10, 21:14

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