I've found that in my case, burping too long results in spit-up, so I'd like an arsenal of burping techniques, for when I know there's a burp to be had, but what I'm doing isn't working.

asked 06 Jul '10, 23:11

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This is going to sound odd but I saw this technique demonstrated by a paediatrician on a Canadian Television show The Mom Show.

The paediatrician said to sit your baby on your lap while holding their head for support and rotate their torso five times in one direction and five times in the other direction. Then pat the baby's back a couple of times.

Like I said it sounds odd but it worked every time and our daughter was difficult to burp using any of the regular methods.


answered 07 Jul '10, 00:15

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Tammy ♦♦
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Rich Seller

That sounds kind of fun too. When you say rotate, do you mean twist their torso to the right, then the left?

(07 Jul '10, 02:05) Sunday

@Sunday actually I mean turn their torso in a circular motion by the waist (i.e forward,side,back,side,forward)

(07 Jul '10, 12:11) Tammy ♦♦

@Sunday: think hula hoop - that kind of motion. ;)

(08 Jul '10, 16:10) Scott ♦♦

I took this as meaning set my daughter down on my leg, and twist her torso towards me and back 5 times. I do it first on my left, then the right. I've been trying this, and it works. You don't twist far because that would hurt her. Sometimes I get a burp out before patting her back, like during the twist motion on the right leg!

(22 Jul '10, 19:49) JustinP8

I've found that there's no "golden rule" to burping. The best advice I can give is to try everything. For example, I've rested my son's tummy over my shoulder while patting him on the back in the past. Sometimes worked, sometimes not.


answered 08 Jul '10, 20:28

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John Bristowe
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I usually just sat my babies up on my lap and held their heads up with one hand while patting with the other. But, you're right, sometimes that doesn't work (or doesn't work fast enough!)

My Dad had a talent for laying a baby down his forearm with their heads by his elbow and holding onto their bums, then patting their back and they would produce those lovely "BRRRAAAACK" burps that you would swear were coming all the way from their toes.

I never have the arm strength for it (I had big babies!), but you could try.


answered 06 Jul '10, 23:27

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Rich Seller

Mine seemed to burp easily unless it was a night feed, during a night feed they would be all sleepy and harder to burp and if I didn't burp them then sure enough they would be sick shortly after, so I found making the baby do a gentle sit up action worked.


answered 09 Jul '10, 07:15

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Phil Seller
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Rich Seller

What our pediatrician told us, was to kind of hold her up (think Lion king, but facing you) for a few seconds to "distend her stomach", and then burp her over your shoulder (or on your leg, which is what I do). It works pretty well.

I've found @Tammy's method works well too. I imagine the twist motion does the same thing, distending the stomach.


answered 22 Jul '10, 19:52

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I would burp my son while he was sitting on my lap with his head supported in my hand, other hand patting his back. If it was an extra tough burp, I would bounce a tiny bit with my knee, and this almost always worked. When it didn't, I gave him to my husband, he always had the magic touch - I wish I knew what he was doing differently!


answered 08 Jul '10, 11:58

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My kids Dad's or their Poppa (my Dad) could always seem to get them to burp when I couldn't too. (I think it's that their hands are bigger than mine!)

(09 Jul '10, 04:32) Neen

A little trip down memory lane and here are our top "burping" positions

1) In Daddy s arms, head just above shoulder level and walking around rubbing back. (Definitely agree with Neen s point about bigger hands)

2) Stand up and sit down whilst my little one was in my lap (slowish movements) and when she was a little bigger would make her stand up and sit down herself on my lap, whilst supporting her under her arms.

3) Floating on my knees (the knee where my baby s head was closer to, being slightly higher than the other knee.

4) Patting babies back 3 times gently followed by 3 clockwise rubs, repeat the pats and then reverse the rub to anti clockwise.


answered 09 Jul '10, 20:18

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+1 I've not tried #2.

(09 Jul '10, 21:14) Sunday
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