I realize that for adults Slimfast shakes are a weight-loss supplement. But I was wondering if they might help a small toddler to "bulk up" if he has trouble gaining weight. Does anyone know where I can find a source to compare the caloric and nutrative values for milk, soy milk, Slimfast and other protein shakes?

asked 09 Jul '10, 17:26

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You might try using the comparison tool on NutritionData1 (under "Tools"). For some reason, they don't have Slim-Fast listed but you can find the nutrition info on Slim-Fast's website and add it as a custom food so you can still do a comparison. Ensure might be another thing to consider. I believe they use to be targeted at senior citizens to gain weight, not sure if they still are.

With that said, if you haven't already, I would suggest contacting your health care professional before consistently using any beverage that is formulated for adults.

1Browser note: With my Linux computer, NutritionData works best using Firefox, not Chrome or SeaMonkey. IE on a Windows computer works fine.


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I would hesitate to give something formulated for adult weight loss to a child.

Why do you say your child is having trouble gaining weight? Is that something your pediatrician told you? Because child weight gain and growth does level off in the toddler years. They don't gain as quickly or grow as fast as they did when they were infants. Add to that the fact that most toddlers are VERY active, and you have a combination that equals slow weight gain.


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He has always been small. He will be 2 in a few weeks but hasn't gained much weight in the last year.

(12 Jul '10, 21:46) mkcoehoorn

From my experience with my daughter and other friends and family members kids it's pretty common to not gain weight between 1 and 2 years. Our daughter has fluctuated +/- 2 lbs in the past year (between 1 and 2) and our doctor is not at all concerned.

(13 Jul '10, 14:13) Tammy ♦♦

Unless your pediatrician says that this is a problem, I wouldn't worry. My very active almost four year old is still wears 2T pants because he grows taller, not broader. He's been 30 lbs (+/- a pound or so) for the past year and a half. His pediatrician says he's fine.

(13 Jul '10, 17:21) EASchechter
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