I just thought it might be helpful or encouraging to share some of the bad habits that we parents have and what we are doing to break them so that we don't pass them on to our children.

I eat a LOT of junk food. If it is there, chances are I will be drawn to it. Especially if it is a bottle of Coca-cola. So I try not to keep junk food in the house. For snacks I keep string cheese and nuts. If I buy carrots for snacking, I cut them up right away (or else I won't be tempted to eat them). And I reserve Cokes for eating out or car trips and only get 2 liter bottles of orange soda for occasions where I will be sharing it with the whole family.

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We noticed a significant reduction of the amount of junk food we eat because we severely reduced our TV consumption since we had our son.

Usually we used to watch series and movies and munch some chips or other snacks, but since our son is keeping us busy we usually play with him and are watching only one show just before bed. And we try not to eat while doing that.

We also cut down our (already rare) visits to McDonalds and other fast food "restaurants"; especially when he is with us, we don't even go in there. When we grew up ourselves, there was no McD yet in our city, and we try to keep our son from that stuff until he is old enough to know what healthy food is and what isn't.

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I have a bad habit of eating when I am bored. My kids have started the same thing so we had to start a rule to only eat when you hungry and make sure you are not eating cause it is there. And we help each other to remember the rule by asking each other if we are really hungry when we want food. It has really seemed to help.

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