About a month ago my now 4 yr old son lost his grip on the side of the pool an slipped under, though it wasnt very deep water he got scared an wanted to go home... Now every time I tell him its time for a bath he freaks out even before I get the water running I tried to get him to bathe with his younger brother whos now 2 but still I get nowhere. He'll play in the pool an with other ways of playin in water but no luck with the bath... He'll even play in the rain. We've tried everything we can think of to get him to over come his fears but nothin works. We've tried gettin toys for the bath only, not puttin vey much water in the tub, an anything else we could think of... I'm totally outta ideas an I need help, his screams are starin to scare my 2 yr old who is my little water-bug .... any new ideas for my little guy?

asked 12 Jul '10, 02:29

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How about trying a shower?

Or getting in the bath with him?

Or putting him in the bath first, and the water after?

Letting him run the water?

Others may correct me on this, but often as parents we panic about these things "becoming a habit" and lasting forever, so we tend to put pressure on ourselves and our children, which often just makes things worse. But there are very few things that last for ever at this age. Our daughter went through a stage where she panicked about having her hair washed, and we had to go through terrible contortions to get the job done. Now she won't even believe us that there was ever a problem...


answered 12 Jul '10, 05:41

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I would have recommended the same things. Perhaps additionally: let it rest for a bit. If you put too much pressure on it, you might make it worse.

(12 Jul '10, 07:29) brandstaetter

I would also add, try bathing just the two year old. And if the older child wants to come in and watch let him. But don't force him into the room. Let him watch the other having fun. Maybe it will remind him of how he used to enjoy it.

(13 Jul '10, 03:12) mkcoehoorn

It sounds like your little one (and probably you) got a big fright.

The answers to this question(which is similar to yours) might help. I have a son (4) who is doesn't like water on his head so he doesn't like the bath and will run and hide at the mention of the word so I can understand the stress this can cause.

Not sure where you live but if you are somewhere where it is summer at present I would try using the paddling pool as the bath as if he is okay in there. Alternative doing a sponge bath with a bucket.

Has your son talked about what happened in the pool? Sometimes when I get my son also 4 to talk about what he is afraid of it can help him overcome his fears. This only works sometimes though.


answered 12 Jul '10, 08:21

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