I think the question says it all. I've heard you start showing earlier the second time, and feel the baby kick earlier; labor may come sooner and progress faster. Any other generalities you could make?

asked 15 Jul '10, 19:19

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I would agree with the being more tired, feeling the baby earlier (possible because you know what it feels like) and showing earlier.

The big thing for me was that it seemed to go faster. With my first I would always know how many weeks I was and what was happening but with my second I lost track most of the time and then suddenly I was eight months pregnant.

I was probably also more relaxed about things like what I ate and what was happening with the pregnancy.

With both kids I found the scans and hearing the heart beat really exciting.

I can't comment on the labour as my daughter's birth was far from normal.


answered 15 Jul '10, 23:02

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Of course it is different for everyone, but the big one for me was being a lot more tired. My kids are only 21 months apart though, so chasing & carrying a toddler around while being pregnant probably had something (or a lot) to do with it.

Other than that, I can't say much else was different - delightfully boring I suppose, but in a pregnancy, that's not a bad thing.

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answered 15 Jul '10, 21:09

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My BH contractions started earlier and were more intense. I had more trouble sleeping. Labor was about half as long. And the post-partum contractions (where your uterus shrinks back to a normal size) were much worse.


answered 16 Jul '10, 04:21

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+1 mkcoehoorn, me too, and more so with each subsequent pregnancy.

(18 Jul '10, 15:07) Neen
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