I'm fairly confident that my 5 month old is teething as he has a constant flow of drool and is chewing on everything lately. He's also pretty fussy.

What worries me is that he suddenly hate nursing. I work away from home Monday through Thursday, during which he takes a bottle. On these days he breastfeeds in the morning and evening without problem. However, on Fridays and the weekends he refuses to nurse during the day. He screams and cries if I try to breastfeed him.

Is this common when a baby is teething?

asked 17 Jul '10, 11:46

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It may have to do with the regular schedule he is used to.

It's only 4 vs. 3 days, but I would guess that he is used to being breast fed in the morning and evening and getting the bottle during the day.

As long as he does not totally refuse the breast I would not worry too much.

We noticed that our son would come to the breast more often if it was very hot, if he was a bit sick or if his teeth were bothering him. But it will most likely be totally different for another child.


answered 18 Jul '10, 11:14

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That makes sense. I also think there is some of my own anxiety in all of this, in that I'm gone 4 days so I feel like we won't "bond" if he doesn't nurse when I am home. I am starting to realize that the fight isn't bonding though - so I should probably just go with the flow and the pattern we have. :)

(18 Jul '10, 12:49) Kelloggs

I completely agree with brandstaetter, but I wanted to add to keep offering the breast, if he decides he'd rather have the bottle, that's fine. But every little bit of sucking will help your supply, and you never know, he might change his mind and decide to cuddle in and nurse. :)

(18 Jul '10, 15:05) Neen

You might like to see from this question http://moms4mom.com/questions/3537/how-do-i-get-my-teething-baby-to-accept-his-bottle that all teething babies can be difficult to feed, and it's not necessarily about the feeding method.


answered 03 Sep '10, 13:21

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Meg Stephenson
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