We have the TV, phone & internet which are plugged into the wall and our baby loves these cords/plugs. We want to baby proof these, and considered moving the outlets higher, but it is a concrete wall so it would be difficult/expensive to have this done. Has anyone found a solution? We are now planning to use plastic cord covers to run up the wall and boxes to cover the outlets(the cords will come up the top of these and then into the plastic covers. This is going to look horrible so I am hoping someone out there knows of products or has ideas that can help.
Thanks in advance!

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Our solution has simply been to move furniture in-front of these plugs for now. ex/ the plugs for the tv would be behind the tv and not sticking out where little hands can get at; computer plugs are behind the desk. It is just a stage after all and will pass. My oldest who is not even 2 years yet barely finds the cords and plugs interesting at all anymore. This means furniture has to be in specific places for a period of time but it will pass.


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I had the same question a few months ago, and we couldn't always put furniture in front of the outlets. We found this outlet cover that allows you to plug things into it (even big things) and protect them from being unplugged. Unfortunately the cords hang down from the cover, so the baby could still yank on the cord, but it is much safer than just having the thing plugged bare into the outlet so it could be unplugged.


answered 19 Jul '10, 12:07

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The simplest solution is to obstruct the outlets with furniture, but that's not always practical.

If you can't do that then you can get some more attractive conduits that will blend with skirting board and can even be painted. I recently researched this myself for speaker cables and had some good suggestions including for this type of conduit.


answered 20 Jul '10, 08:06

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