My 22 month old son has this rash on his outer right buttocks cheek for about 5 weeks now. The bumps are large and don't have white in the center at all. I've used Desitin and Aquaphor to treat it and it seems to have faded but it has not gone away. So, the bumps are no longer red but the rash has spread across the entire butt cheek. It appears now as just skin-colored bumps. He does wear diapers but he has never had this before and it is almost outside of the diaper area. Also, I've not seen him scratch the area. He has no known food allergies. My son does eat lots of fruit. Nothing different with detergents or soaps. What could this be and how do I treat it?

asked 20 Jul '10, 03:38

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I recenly heard that the new Pampers with "Dry Max" have been causing a smilar type of you happen do use Pampers with the new Dry Max?

(21 Jul '10, 21:33) Sabrina

When my son gets bad or persistent rashes we give him oatmeal baths and that seems to help a lot.

Also, our family doctor told us that diaper rash is actually caused by a fungus and that it should be treated with an anti-fungal medication. We were told to use athlete's foot cream, then apply the diaper rash ointment over that.


answered 20 Jul '10, 13:22

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Thanks for your reply. I'll try some athlete's foot creme as my doctor prescribed that a couple of months ago for a rash on my son's face (spot on cheek).

(20 Jul '10, 14:24) Renee

If he eats a lot of fruit, it could be related to that. My friend's son doesn't really have any specific food allergies, but if he eats too many oranges he gets a diaper rash on his bottom.

Has it been hot where you live? With summertime, it could be related to heat. My son got a rash behind his knees a couple of weeks ago and the only thing we could think of was that it was related to the heat that day.


answered 21 Jul '10, 21:37

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