What resources are there for rational, science-based information about parenting and childcare?

With resources I mean books, online discussion forums, information pages - anything! The field seems to be saturated with reasoning that relies on anecdotal evidence, and dogmatic truths without providing a reasoning behind them. While there's valid information too, they can be merrily mixed up with the advice based on hunches and some mythical parental insight.

While it's usually pointed out that "every child is unique", "learn from your child", and so on, there are still very many things in parenting that can be generalized - at least when you allow room for exceptions. And even in cases where children really are unique, there are always some limits to that uniqueness, or ways to respond differently to different kinds of uniqueness. (This is where peer discussions prove to be valuable.)

But it's really hard to find anything that you can count on being reliable. I'd really enjoy reading something that doesn't jump to conclusions, and approaches parenting issues with a skeptical mind.

Also see similar question: Evidence Based Parenting

asked 20 Jul '10, 08:41

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Tammy ♦♦

online discussion forums? here :)

(20 Jul '10, 09:02) brandstaetter

Well, yes, this does seem like a good resource! :)

(20 Jul '10, 09:04) Ilari

The answers and comments provided for Scott s question in the link provided are a great read too. http://moms4mom.com/questions/3542/evidence-based-parenting

(20 Jul '10, 11:45) Emi

Sounds like contradiction: "science" and "parenting"

(20 Jul '10, 12:09) Gandrusz

@Emi: Thanks I didn't find that question before (though I did try searching). Should have searched for "evidence" I guess. Well, it looks like pretty much the same question as mine - sorry for the duplicate. :)

(20 Jul '10, 13:07) Ilari

@Ilari, you are welcome! :-)

(21 Jul '10, 04:58) Emi
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I love the title "If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay" :D

(20 Jul '10, 13:20) Ilari

There are two resources I've found: Science-Based Parenting blog and it's podcast Podcast Beyond Belief. The authors are science-based thinkers - skeptics - and the topics include latest news in parenting science, and discussion about different parenting and pregnancy issues. They attempt to approach subjects with a view based on reality rather than parental hunches. The podcast also has recurring section with a doctor answering some of the listener questions.


answered 20 Jul '10, 13:16

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