I am not sure if this question is not off-topic, but I started to think about my daughters primary education. Unfortunately I live in a rather rough area of London and the schools around and average at most - so I think we will strongly consider moving somewhere else. Could you recommend an neighbourhood in Greater London (UK) with good schools, decent connection to the centre and reasonable house prices?

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This might be better rephrased as a request for resources on finding good schools.

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Dear Gandrusz, my brother and sister in law moved with similar motivations several years ago. Since then all three children have gone to the local primary school, called "Days Lane". The area also has several good secondary schools, two of which are Grammar schools. The area spreads from Eltham through to Sidcup and is situated South of the Thames. Commuting into Central London takes about 30 minutes. I will post a more detailed answer after my vacation!

(20 Jul '10, 19:26) Emi

this is a very localized question imo

(22 Jul '10, 09:58) Fisherman

You can use www.upmystreet.com

For example, I looked at schools in London (widened to be "near London" otherwise it really only gives you City of Westminster) then ordered by English Percentage score (presumably from recent KS2 results). If that's how you want to rate schools.

Unfortunately it doesn't let you sort them by "value added" score, so it's not taking in to account the level at intake.

Another less direct method at rating quality of schools in an area is to look at house prices, as the price of a family house in an area is often influenced by the perceived quality of the local schools.

Personally I think you can't beat going and looking round a school during lesson time. But that's time consuming, especially if you're considering the whole of Greater London as potential neighbourhoods.


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