My seven week old son just stopped burping last night. He doesn't fuss or spit up more than usual, but We have tried for over 20 minutes after each feeding to burp him without luck.

He does seem to be farting more and someone said that as log as the air bubble comes out it is ok. It just seems unusual that he stopped burping all of a sudden with no other changes.

Any ideas?


asked 21 Jul '10, 04:08

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I don't have any ideas other than neither of my kids would burp after every feed by about 7 weeks. We would try briefly and if it happened that was fine otherwise we would leave it. Neither were unsettled.

(23 Jul '10, 02:45) K D

For a while we could not get my daughter to burp easily. She was more prone to hiccups. We took the stance of your friend that so long as the gas was escaping and she wasn't showing signs of being uncomfortable then she was probably okay.


answered 21 Jul '10, 04:31

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I agree that if the air is getting out he's probably fine. If you haven't seen it, this thread has quite a few different suggestions.



answered 21 Jul '10, 12:39

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Andy H
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Thanks =) I just tried the torso technique in that link and you should have seen the way my wife looked at me. It did get a little burp out though!

(21 Jul '10, 13:23) moh605

@moh605: Yeah, that torso technique looks weird, but always worked great in my experience. :)

(25 Jul '10, 17:31) Scott ♦♦

I asked a friend who is a pediatrician (at a very prestigious Children's Hospital) about burping. I was wondering if doctors think it's as important as all my older relatives who seem obsessed with my son's burping habits. What I was told was "they don't cover burping in medical school". That made me feel a lot better.


answered 14 Aug '10, 02:45

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Pam 1
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