I am looking on some advice on how to calm down two 9 year old girls who just changed schools.

Their daily routine changed a lot. Now, they have to go on a bus (even if it's a short trip) to get to school, they have schedules to uphold and it's been hell for them to adapt.

What should I say or do to calm them down and let them know it's a transition in their lives?

asked 30 Sep '09, 10:14

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Wish I could accept both answers. Both of them are very good and I'll combine them to cheer up the girls. Thanks a lot guys :)

(01 Oct '09, 12:41) changelog

"Hey girls, come over here, I want to tell you a story. <Insert story of a hard transition in your own life>."


answered 30 Sep '09, 11:32

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Hey thats really short and brief and impressive. I am sure I will use that at some point too :)

(30 Sep '09, 14:27) Emi

lol - nice one.

(30 Sep '09, 17:10) Sabrina

I'm assuming that they just changed schools and not neighborhoods, and so they still have the same friends. So the environment just changed and not the people around them.

Assuming that they've been able to keep their same friends, they will adjust in time. But you can make the transition easier. Try to talk with them about what's going on in school. What are the good aspects of the new school? Are there activities that they can get involved in? Do they like their new teachers? How are their friends adjusting?

So, just talk with them about their day. What is really bugging them? And try not minimize the stress/anxiety they are feeling. Right now, you are very important to them because you didn't change.

My guess, though, it that they will get over it. We all do. 8-)


answered 30 Sep '09, 14:33

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This is a great answer!

(30 Sep '09, 17:11) Sabrina
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