Our baby often has gas pains that cause him to grunt and cry until he can fart. Are there any positions that can help him pass gas, or at least relieve the pain? I tried coaxing him into the fetal position while on his belly, which seems to help a little. Are there any other tricks I could try?

asked 26 Jul '10, 14:31

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How old is your baby? What are you feeding him/her that could be the cause for the gas?

(27 Jul '10, 08:06) brandstaetter

He is 2 months old and breastfed. I try to avoid foods that are known to make babies gassy, but he still experiences pains from time to time.

(29 Jul '10, 01:49) johearn

Try lying him on his back and do "the bicycle" with his legs. Also a light clockwise massage on his belly might help.


answered 26 Jul '10, 15:58

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I tried both and they did seem to make him more comfortable. Thank you!

(26 Jul '10, 17:50) johearn

you're welcome :)

(27 Jul '10, 01:35) Amrita

The bicycle legs are very good, but in my experience, sometimes when gassy, being on the back can be very uncomfortable, so another alternative is to hold him in an upright position against your body facing out. Then you can manipulate his legs without him being on his back.


answered 27 Jul '10, 12:50

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