We've been looking for methods to alleviate our one-month daughter's stomach pain episodes. A friend of mine had heard (from a quite unscientific source) that applying castor oil and heat on baby's stomach might help. The procedure should be used when baby is experiencing pain, and it is as follows:

  • Moisten a paper towel with approx. one tablespoon of castor oil
  • Put the paper on baby's stomach
  • Put a piece of cellophane on top of the paper
  • Put something warm (heated wet towel, small oatmeal pillow, or such) on top of the cellophane
  • Let it apply for 15 minutes

Note: Do not give castor oil to the baby orally.

I tried researching it online, but there were only few random mentions on discussion boards and such. (1, 2, 3FI)

Does anyone here have any experiences, references or further knowledge about this method?

(For the record, I of course know there are a lot of other methods out there for pain relief, but for the sake of this question I'm asking only further information about this particular method, or methods similar to it.)

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I have no knowledge or experience of Castor oil but here is my own personal experience with a similar method using a combination of "oil and heat" as follows:

I used warm Olive Oil with my daughter when she was a baby (between 1-6months), at times when I felt it could relax her when she seemed irritable.

The idea of gentle massage was something I learnt from my own mother. She recommended I use olive oil and it seemed to relax my baby tremendously.

The oil would be only lightly warm/slightly tepid, and I would apply a few drops on her tummy and have some on my fingertips and thumb, and would massage very gently and slowly her tummy area.

After the gentle Olive oil "massage", I would wipe her down, and then swaddle her and it definitely seemed to have a soothing/relaxing effect for her.

Later when she had bouts of constipation, the same technique also helped and may even have help her bowel movements.

(also see this question with references to uses of Olive oil)


answered 02 Aug '10, 09:41

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+1 Emi, I've done massage with olive oil on my kids when they were babies and had upset tummies too. I'd have tried Ilari's method, but with olive oil, not with Castor Oil just in case baby managed to get some on his hands.

(02 Aug '10, 16:46) Neen
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